Special Systems of Electronic Documents Emission and Turnover

Our Company offers solutions for the effective management of information about orders, movement and status of the special blank products (SBP), for which the strict mode of production, transmission, receipt, storage, use, cancellation, reporting, search and identification is defined in the legal and technological levels.

“Cobra-VTI” is an integrated solution to manage the process of personalization of electronic documents, monitoring of their emission and turnover.

The system is designed for:

  • organization of the processes of SBP ordering, movement and personalization;
  • elimination of unjustified redistribution and overstatement needs in blank products;
  • improvement of the efficiency of SBP movement control from the manufacture to the moment of realization as a document;
  • accumulation of information about the SBP in a centralized database with traceability of all changes in its characteristics;
  • ensuring the secure exchange of information between subsystems and hardware-software complexes for the production and execution of documents;
  • providing access to the information in real time mode.