Highly Secured Passports for Jewelry
De Beers Passport for Jewelry

Our Company has developed complex solution to provide Jewelry manufacturers with a comprehensive solution of brand protection using the high security Jewelry Passport and special IT systems for passport personalization and distribution through the sales network worldwide.  

De Beers Diamond Jewelers, being a leader in the diamond industry, introduced a De Beers Passport for Jewelry with advanced ID document technology. This passport incorporates the best solutions for the document design, based on the results of work of the world’s leading experts in the field.  The use of polycarbonate for the data page makes it possible to enter the information by means of laser engraving and laser perforation methods. This technology allows printing of information inside the structure of the material, which eliminates the possibility of forgery. 

De Beers Diamond Jewelers is the first and only jewelry company to offer customers this type of high security certification.