Databases of individually marked goods and software products for the operation with those databases (excise stamps, control stamps, Track & Trace system)

Our Company offers a comprehensive solution, providing the possibilities to control the amount and origin of the product along the supply chain (tracking and tracing). The implementation of the system of this type allows the state to increase revenue in the budget from the turnover of excisable goods by at least 50%.

The system provides digital solution for the protection of state revenue, which allows:

  • Effectively combat the illicit distribution of tobacco and alcoholic products, for which local taxes are not paid (smuggling and / or forgery);
  • Assess all appropriate payable taxes on tobacco and alcoholic products manufactured and intended for sale in the country;
  • Effectively control the authentication process by the Government of all tobacco and alcoholic products, manufactured and intended for sale in the country.

Specialists of the Company developed complex solution to secure the collection of excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol products, using highly secured tax stamps with holographic elements and Integrated Information Track & Trace System, which allows to control the volume of production and origin throughout the supply chain.

Purpose of the System:

  • Excisable product volume and origin control throughout the supply (from production line to the point of sale and even consumption, including options for aggregation). 
  • On-line real-time reporting and accounting features excisable products/tax stamps/tax revenue. 
  • State-of-the-art and highly reliable data exchange technologies 
  • Time and cost effective solution.