Integrated Population Registration Systems

Integrated Population Registration System is intended for creation of National Population Register which data is actualized and used by the authorized users in real time.

IPRS is a universal instrument for the State Government, which allows not only to improve the quality of providing administrative services to the citizens and business, but also to plan more effectively the development of economy, quickly react to the international challenges and help the State to become a significant element in the area of world security.

Using of system begins with the birth of a child and accompanies it throughout the whole life. At the same time, primary registration in the system can begin at any age, and updating of information about citizens is automated owing to the creation of unique identification number of individual - PIN.

IPRS advantages

  • Customization of the system according to the requirements of the Customer
  • Management of key data sources for fundamental citizen data
  • High system security and data protection
  • Generation of unique identification number of individual – PIN, for all government registers
  • Creation of unique portal of searching and checking of the individual
  • Request and receiving of personal data from CDB via Internet, SMS, e-mail
  • Customization of clients’ rights according to the requirements of the Customer or legislation
  • Compatibility with others state registers