Verification System for Passports and Identity Documents

“VTI” PrJSC provides services for the verification of identity documents on the basis of the software complex "ID Document Verification System" for airlines, hotels, banks and other potential interested Customers. The purpose of the services provision is to reliably verify the identification documents of the Customer’s clients and provide automated control of the turnover of documents in order to detect false, counterfeit and lost documents.

The growth of passenger traffic and increased worldwide counter-terrorism compel us to constantly work on improving customer service. Our goal is to make every transaction of our Customers secure and pleasant and to create all conditions for the airlines and hotels clients to feel comfortable in the sky and on the ground.

A project on the implementation of innovative verification solutions - ID Document Verification System «RKN-Pass» including the «RKN-Pass» database, was developed to support the efforts of state and government authorities in the fight against transnational crime, terrorism, fraud and use of false and counterfeit identity documents.

The system has been developed by "VTI" and is a stable, safe and secure software-hardware complex designed to qualitatively solve the problems of our customers in the shortest possible time.

The verification system is designed to:

• Check the correctness of the generation of ID-documents series and numbers;

• ID-documents image verification;

• Check the document according to the validation rules;

• Control the ID-documents validity term;

• Check the availability of documents in the database of lost and stolen ID-documents.

Users of the system are employees of airports, hotels and similar organizations, which are required to verify ID-documents in compliance with the official duties.