Mobile NFC technologies for the electronic identification – eCredential

To facilitate mobile services, a smart phone can get access to our electronic identity – ePassport, eID card, eDriver License, any electronic NFC-compatible or ICAO-compliant credential – and make it mobile.

“VTI” has developed the eCredential mobile application that turns an NFC-capable smart phone into a portable device that can verify the authenticity of electronic identity document, read data from identity document chip and display them, help in the facial identification. 

Our application combines two things that we have with ourselves: a NFC phone and an identity document – to create a mobile identity. You need no more than eCredential running on a NFC phone to get access to your identity document. 

ICAO-compliant ePassport and eID - called MRTD by ICAO Doc 9303 - contain a contactless chip ISO-14443 and are fully NFC-compatible. The NFC-capable phone displays the document data: biographic data, photograph, holder signature.  Invisible national-proprietary optional notes are also available. The photo can be scaled into a full-screen size for maximum details recognition.

What are the opportunities for application usage?

  • Self-Service Facilitation in e-commerce and e-government: to verify identity and enroll with credentials remotely in electronic on-line systems
  • Portable Verification Stations in border control environments and law enforcement: to verify documents and identity on trains or cruise ships, to use by police guards and patrolling units in operative duty service.
  • Software Component for System Builders: the application offers API to integrate it as on-demand service in customer-developed applications and backend systems.