Civil Registry Systems

The Civil Registry System automates manual processes associated with the civil registration creating a central database for all the country’s births and deaths registration. The system also populates the Integrated Population Registration System with data in a real-time mode.

Purpose of the System:

  • Online processing of civil registry documents
  • Automated issuance of births and deaths certificates and assessment of fees
  • Conduct of searches for registered births and deaths records
  • Generation of vital statistical and demographic reports
  • Integration with Integrated Population Registration System

Advantages of the System:

  • Automatization and facilitation of the registration process
  • Physical person is registered in the population register right from his birth, and all future documents are issued on the basis of PIN assigned to him from birth
  • Properly organized and coordinated registrations systems are vital for socio – economic and political development
  • Provides Single Version of truth about an individual
  • Physical person may be identified at any moment
  • Decrease in queues
  • Reduction of the number of mistakes due to human factor
  • Constitutional rights participations such electioneering etc.
  • Mitigates security threats e.g. terrorism and other international crimes. Reduction of the level of corruption
  • Enables citizens to access government services and entitlement with a lot of ease