“VTI” Private Joint-Stock Company is the leader in the Ukraine’s IT market, in the area of de­signing large-scale automated information systems, state population registers and databases designed for the issue of national electronic identity card, e-passport and other highly secured identification documents. 

The company offers a wide range of IT solutions, and fully addresses client’s demands owing to the cooperation and partner­ship with leading national and international manufacturers of equipment and software. Specialists of “VTI” constantly apply and implement innovative products and devel­opments of its partners, when executing its own projects.

“VTI” PrJSC proposes comprehensive “turn-key” approach – from the design to the implementation and maintenance of automated information systems of various types and architecture of hardware-software complexes, as well as provides guidelines for the formation of the elements of information system infrastructure.

The mission of our Company is to provide the world governments with technically advanced system solutions that integrate national e-ID, e-passport and other document issuance with a comprehensive national registry and database system in a vertically integrated cost effective manner that corresponds to the specific needs and goals of government. We do know how to increase the revenue of the state, strengthen the supervisory function of the state and enhance its security at the same time.

Concerning ISO/IEC Standards for provision of information security management systems, “VTI” PrJSC develops information security management systems to the standards as specified by the government project specifications. For government ID projects we use chips and chip operating systems certified to no less than 4+ according to CC (common criteria).

“VTI” PrJSC has major experience in the development of integrated population registration systems and civil registration systems. The projects provide the citizens with a comprehensive integrated population database. We believe that it is essential for the government to implement such system that shall link together all identification documents including e-passport of the citizen. Said solution will ensure secure functioning of state registration system.  

«VTI» PrJSC has 3 patents for useful model and 136 certificates on the registration of copyright for work regis­tered in the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine.

We are proud of our successful cooperation in the role of the integrator with major consortiums in the area of highly secured identification documents production, such as Interpol, Industrial Innovation Group LLC. The result of said cooperation is up-to-date comprehensive large-scale projects of state level implemented for the governments of Ukraine, Republic of Kenya, Nepal, Republic of Moldova.

Currently we also cooperate with various governments for the delivery of turn-key solutions and creation of new e-Government systems, including highly secured e-ID documents. Works on the development of the systems of turnover and control of excise stamps in some countries are being held currently.

“VTI” PrJSC is ready to cooperate on any projects related to highly secured systems of registration and highly secured identification documents. We guarantee high integrity, security, and quality!