The Arkada Bank, INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, VTI, Polly-Service are launching the first Ukrainian blockchain database as per “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure as well as OdIn (the measurement unit of investment object) as the foundation platforms for the Electronic Ukraine.
Kyiv, Ukraine, September 2019. The Arkada Bank, founded in 1993 with the 26-year unrivaled experience as the leading financial structure of Ukraine, jointly with the world leader in the domain of scalable identification solutions, biometric systems and professional services for governments and citizens, INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, the VTI company with the 47-year experience in developing government projects on creating security electronic identification documents and maintaining global database systems for national projects, the Polly-Service Company with 20-year experience in production and personalization of identification documents and payment cards, announced today the creation of a financial and industrial alliance with the aim to launch the first regional product - a platform for exchanging KYC data based on the blockchain and on the OdIn token as a unit of measurement of investment object with the goal of creating the global platform Electronic Ukraine.
Positive expertise in the area of technical and cryptographic information security
The Information Security Center of “VTI” PrJSC has completed state expertise in the area of technical and cryptographic information security.
The Contract signed for the maintenance of the Integrated Population Registration System in the Republic of Kenya
The company signed a contract with the Government of the Republic of Kenya for the annual maintenance and onsite management services for the Integrated Population Registration System (IPRS) of the Republic of Kenya.
Helping to ensure security in the world - KP VTI participates in the first forum Interpol World 2015, Singapore
Singapore, INTERPOL World 2015 04.16.2015 - KP VTI participated in the historic event as a member of a group of enterprises Industrial Group, along with the companies-participants of the joint venture Holography, YS-Design and Polly-Service.