Electronic Social ID Card

Automated system “Electronic Social ID Card” is intended to improve the social welfare system by streamlining and automating the process of tracking and providing social benefits, as well as the optimization of public expenditures for social protection of population.

Project benefits for Population:

  • simple and prompt procedure for legalizing the right on benefits and social services using the Single Window technology
  • access to appropriate information as well as rapid issuance any certificate in State authorities
  • granting of the benefits and social services over the territory of country according to the laws by unified electronic document

Project benefits for Government:

  • in the country the transparent system of accounting and planning benefits and social services will be created on the basis of: (a) unified classification of existing benefits and social services; (b) integrated system for personalized registration of individuals eligible to receive benefits and social services 
  • targeted provision of the benefits 
  • elimination of corruption schemes in the ensuring the benefits due to minimizing the influence of human factor
  • improving control over using of budget funds destined for ensuring social protection of the population
  • exclusion of their improper usage 
  • precise estimation of amount required to reimburse for the expenses of companies rendering the discounted services
  • reduction of administration costs for ensuring benefits and social services
  • removal of the economic feasibility for forgery of documents proving the right for granting benefits 

Project benefits for companies providing benefits and social services:

  • opportunity for reliable grounding of compensation amount to be reimbursed for relevant benefits and social services
  • total compensation of costs related to servicing the benefit recipients
  • cash flow planning and management decisions on a reliable basis