Electronic Migration ID Card

The system is designed to improve the procedures of dealing with illegal labor migration, ensuring operational control of foreigners staying in the territory of the country, ordering the use of foreign labor, improvement of procedures for the issuance, renewal of permits for the employment of foreigners and stateless persons on the basis of modern information technology.

Implementation of this integrated solution ensures systematization of the processes of accounting, control and prediction of emigration flows and provides reliable identification and verification of the migrant’s identity, which is an important component of the protection of the rights of citizens abroad, and national security.

Objectives and purpose of the project:

  • improvement of procedures aimed at combating illegal labor migration;
  • provision of operational control under the staying of foreigners in the territory of the country;
  • regulation of the use of foreign labor, optimization of immigrants composition, invitation of required specialists for the employment in the country and, consequently, reducing the number of unskilled migrant employees;
  • documentation of foreigners with highly secured electronic documents that provide the right to work in the country and certify the identity;
  • accounting of decisions on the issue or refusal to grant the permits for the employment of foreigners, on the extension of their validity term, informing employers about the decisions approved;
  • financial accounting of employer’s payment: for the consideration of the application for a permit, the penalty for employment of foreigners without permission to use foreign labor, insurance fees, etc.
  • informing foreigners and employers about the terms for granting permits, provision of pre-registration, etc.