Electricity Consumption Management Information System (EC MIS)

Specialists of the Company developed sophisticated state-of-the-art Electricity Consumption Management Information System (EC MIS). Implementation of EC MIS will enhance revenue collection, eliminate the risk of non-payment, and improve cash management while reducing overall costs. 

Self-managed systems like EC MIS will eliminate the need to send staff to read meters or to switch electricity sources on or off. Instead the system enables remote control of the electricity source ensuring utility company’s control of their customers’ accounts. EC MIS is a reliable, effective and independent system. It can be easily integrated into any utility company’s internal and legacy systems including billing and accounting systems. EC MIS solution is based on the highest international standards and can be adapted according to the customer’s business and technical requirements. 

Our Company also provides a turnkey solution including customization, implementation, training of utility company staff and post-implementation maintenance.